Crypton Super Fabric

For over 10 years, Crypton Super Fabrics was well regarded in the hospitality, healthcare, and contract furnishings industries as an innovator in performance textiles. In 2003, Crypton made the decision to expand into the residential and direct-to-consumer arena. Our department was charged with providing Crypton entrance to this new market while ensuring its dominance within its existing core markets.


Our goals were quite ambitious. We needed to create a market where there was none and we needed to maintain the industry stronghold within current trade markets. Crypton enjoyed strong market awareness in the hospitality, contract, and healthcare markets, but virtually none in the greater consumer markets. We needed to create a campaign that not only garnered attention, press, and sales, but one that would not detract from its core competencies – one that complemented both sides of the business.

crypton puppies


Because it was a stain-,spill-, microbial-resistant fabric we decided to start our residential/consumer campaign with something with a wide appeal and for which we had a unique solution: dogs. We approached and ultimately collaborated with William Wegman. What began as the promotion of a fabric design collection soon evolved into a subversive marketing initiative for the consumer, a refreshed brand identity, launch materials, and an eye-catching print advertising campaign featuring Wegman’s dogs on Crypton’s fabric and upholstered furniture. All of this became for the PR effort.

Following the success of the launch of the William Wegman Collection, we launched the Michael Graves Collection, Crypton Green, Crypton In & Out, Crypton Product, Crypton Furniture and many more. With each new innovation and product we created campaigns that positioned Crypton as a brand that needed to be recognized. Using seeding campaigns, events, desk-side chats, creative pitches, and occasional sampling we were able to garner a tremendous amount of media coverage for the brand.