We work closely with the internal marketing team to conceptualize, develop and deliver everything related to the WellnessMats brand expression.

Our goals were very simple at the onset – change the landscape for consumers who desired a more comfortable experience while standing in their kitchens at home – and to make anti fatigue mat a new consumer category in housewares! 

STRATEGY:Our outreach and awareness campaign was multi-pronged from the onset – we assisted in building a retail strategy that protected the reseller from price undercutting. With a firm commitment to MSRP (mfg. suggested retail pricing), we assured retailers that we would never undermine or drop below MSRP – thereby keeping the field level for anyone buying into the product.

In addition, we built early relationships with several key celebrity chefs, assisting with their charitable outreach efforts and making products fans of them along the way. We used their recognition and influence to help us spread the word – and to support all other efforts (all the skills in our arsenal).