We had an idea, and we ran with it! That was the mantra of the elite, ultra-marathoner and founder of g-ear! It grew from a very basic idea – what makes a great, useable design? Simplicity in function. Born out of most basic principals of design coupled with bare bones performance – g-ear is an audio device that delivers exceptional comfort & acoustical performance and a functional headband for anyone who is serious about working out or training under any virtually any conditions. Field-tested in the sweltering July heat of Death Valley’s Badwater Ultramarathon, g-ear is proof that 120 degrees is not too hot to perform…


  • Inform consumers that there is an alternative to uncomfortable and often even dangerous use of earbuds and other listening devices!
  • Share the news about hearing well – the research, and the proof about heating loss
  • Safety, flexibility and acoustical superiority
  • Train comfortably and for longer periods with g-ear

Launched as a signature sponsor at the first-ever and highly acclaimed Grand to Grand (G2G) Marathon just outside Zion National Park in 2012, this highly useful piece was adopted by many of the athletes right there on the spot! We helped to source the materials and manufacturing, developed an instructional ‘how-to’ booklet, wrote the web copy, press releases + presentations for the client, offered ongoing collaborative creative direction, assisted in organizing a photo shoot, structured a social media strategy and timely game plan, offered on-the-ground support with event sponsorship as well as ongoing design development and technical recommendations.

AND we were there from the inception of the project – as a team of original gear testers & early adopters – ‘test driving’ the performance of g-ear during the course of numerous trail hikes, backpacking trips and even a 400-mile bike ride!