Taking a new product to market and making it a household name among an active, growing consumer base is what we love to do, and we pulled out all the stops for Fabio’s Comfort Mats! Our multi-pronged, integrated campaign was a full-blitz from the start. Designing the logo, the look and feel for the brand, all of the packaging and all brand collateral—and even the first event exhibits—was just the beginning. We also designed and built the e-commerce website for Smart Step Home, the landing page for Fabio’s own website as well as the pop-ups, promos, ads, e-newsletters, emails and blog posts.

We organized and staged a series of video shoots with our friend, Fabio, and actively used that content for sharing and telling this unique co-branded story.

Leveraging the power of third-party endorsement that comes with public relations and supported on various social media platforms, we have aggressively shared the story of Fabio/Smart Step Home synergy with the world, and leveraged Fabio’s influence with the audience to do the same via social media.


  • Leverage Fabio’s fame, recognition and expertise as a world-famous chef to lend his gravitas to our premier anti fatigue mat
  • Borrow from Fabio’s his active, aggressive participation on social networks to help us get the word out quickly!
  • Build a network of loyalists and sell this useful product that promotes and foster healthy standing and improved circulation