Cisco Systems probably requires little introduction – but they design, manufacture and sell converged networking equipment and is considered an enterprise pioneer in technically integrated equipment and solutions. Cisco’s Executive Briefing Center (EBC) in San Jose, CA is the flagship meeting facility for all of their multi-national enterprise accounts across the globe. Positioned on the campus of the headquarters and sharing the offices of Cisco’s leadership, the expectation for a “newly defined” EBC was very, very high.

The project was a marketing, brand alignment, interior design, technical proficiency showcase and project management exercise of magnitude—and the project had a short turnaround for completion as well. The business and decision makers came to the table with different priorities; the same held true for marketing and corp. identity…so each and every design element had to be perfectly aligned and seamlessly integrated with the technology to make this fully-converged network solutions giant really sing. The challenge was to integrate, display, brand and market all of Cisco System’s core messages into one facility while keeping everyone happy in this egalitarian tech culture – with the faceted goals of making the organization look great while reinforcing customer confidence – all while shortening the sales cycle. 

This award-winning facility became the aspirational model for other tech. companies and, in many ways, changed the way competitive organizations do business today.